Transportistas desde 1990

En nuestro trabajo, las barreras no existen.

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Land, Air, Maritime and Multimodal Transport


International Import and Export


GPS positioning


Means of transport



Transportation of refrigerated and deep-frozen groupage loads throughout the national territory.

Regular groupage routes from Andalucia to Levante and Perpignan.


Weekly lines of full truck loads (FTL), part truck loads (PTL) and groupage loads , from the Levante and Andalucia areas, to the following countries: Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.


GPS Tracking and Positioning

Satellite tracking.

We know in real time the exact location of your goods.

We control the temperature during the loading, transport and unloading of the goods.


Means of transport



Our fleet consists of modern tractor units and trailers. We contract with the main brands of trucks and refrigeration equipment.


The fleet is maintained to the very highest standard by the official workshops and their mechanics.

High availability

We have our own maintenance staff, thus providing total availability and reliability to our refrigeration vehicles and equipment.